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Our History

A few facts about Frontline Plumbing & Rooter

Orlando Ramos started off working for his father's plumbing company not knowing anything about plumbing or rooters but gained as much knowledge as possible slowly and surely. He has been in the industry for 19 years.

Orlando's father owned his own plumbing company, and Orlando started as a helper so he can spend quality time with his father. Orlando soon realized he loved the plumbing industry. He gave it his all to gain as much knowledge about this industry as possible. Once Orlando's father decided his son was ready to take charge, he stepped back from the business and Orlando gained full control of the family business.

In 2011, Orlando started Frontline Plumbing & Rooter.

Mission & Vision

Frontline Plumbing & Rooter has YOUR best interest at heart.  Let us prove it to you by carrying out our mission and vision to better serve you, the valued client.

Our Mission & Vision is simple:


To provide experience, knowledge, and competitive prices to every client.


To let our work speak for itself & to do what is needed and at the best interest of the client.


To ensure complete client satisfaction with the work provided by Frontline Plumbing & Rooter and to guarantee work to every client by offering a 30 day warranty


To continuously update licenses and certifications to meet city and county code and requirements and to obtain material of the highest quality that saves you money overall.

Services Offered


Clear Blockage


Available 7am - 5pm Monday - Friday.
Any other time:  CALL FOR PRICING


Camera Inspection


with Location


Main Sewer Hydrojetter


- Cleanout
- Heavy Buildup / Root Removal from within Drain Line
- Standard 6 month warranty


Sewer Cleanout Installation (4" Two-Way)


- Excavation to clay sewer line buried below native soil
- Cutting sewer line 
- Installation of all new 4" ABS parts and adapter for cleanout
All work above will be performed up to code, tested for leaks, and back filled with native soil after completion.
***PLEASE NOTE: There is a separate payment for city permit if required.***


40 Gallon Water Heater


- Replacement of 40 gallon water heater on property with brand new 40 gallon water heater
- 6 year manufacturer warranty
- 1 year labor warranty
- New water supply line
- Gas flex line
- New T&P relief valve
- 50 GALLON WATER HEATER:  $1675.00


Sewer Line Installation

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